I once gave a lecture on the hallucinogen, Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and discussed the “conversion experience” that many individuals have after experimenting with the drug. The title of the talk was “A Heavenly Experience or the Trip from Hell.”

In the lecture, I pointed out a study that said after using LSD “one looks beyond the horizon of the normal world and this beyond is often so impressive or even shocking that its after effects linger for years in one’s memory. It is an indelible experience; it is forever known.” Another article that I read stated that many LSD users tend to proselytize the drug because of its power to create alternative realities.

After I was finished giving the lecture, a psychiatrist approached me and gave me what I thought was a high complement. He told me, “No one could have articulated as you did the spiritual and sensory effects of LSD unless he had experienced it firsthand.”

At first, I wasn’t sure how to respond. Then I said, “Well, I can honestly say that I have never used LSD, but I have had a spiritual experience… and its effects have been more lasting than any physical substance. I’ve experienced the power of God within me.”

When the blind man in John Chapter 9 received his sight, people were curious about the change. At first they could not believe that he was the same man but he assured them that he was.  There was no ulterior motive in his testimony. He had no hidden agenda for sharing his encounter with God. People noticed the change and wanted answers and he did not shy away from the truth. It was too amazing, too magnificent to keep quiet. He had wanted to be healed, he had waited for this moment all his life, he went and washed in pure faith, and now he could not help but witness to others about the transformation that had taken place.

Is that the kind of “trip” you’ve had with God? Have you been blown away by His faithfulness in your life? What stories do you have to share of the spiritual experiences God has brought you through? Can you keep quiet any longer?