Buried Treasure

WCVB TV in Boston ran a story about a three year old boy who was outside his house playing in the dirt and found a set of wedding rings that had been lost by the original owner of the house some 33 years before. The story is incredible, especially since the rings were found three weeks after 7 truck loads of dirt were removed from the yard! When the original owner was contacted, she paid the boy $50 dollars as a reward.

With all the stress that life can bring, I think we all want to believe that buried treasures still exist, that “there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.” *

Redemption is my favorite word. There is no other word like it. It is the only word that can bring purpose to the pain we experience in this life. Simply put, it means to buy back or to restore someone or something at great cost. In doing so, the value of that person, item, or activity becomes that much more precious to the purchaser. Just think of the value those lost rings now had to the woman who had been without them for thirty three years!!  

Three years ago, my wife (who is an avid triathlete) sustained an injury that robbed her of one of her deepest passions and made it difficult for her to walk, let alone run. For two years, she struggled to recover, coming to grips with the possibility that her body would never be restored. After many doctors’ appointments and trips to physical therapists and chiropractors, she was finally able to return to her love of running. Her physical health had been redeemed at the cost of hours of hard work and training. Now, what she once took for granted has become very precious to her. Her morning runs were always a special time alone with God, but now even more so. Every stride she takes is a testimony of God’s ability to restore that which was lost. Angela found buried treasure: the realization that God can sustain us in the midst of our pain and give us power to overcome it in the end.

Are you struggling with something right now? What buried treasures might God be waiting to reveal to you through your pain? Ask God to give you the strength to dig beneath the surface layer of your troubles and uncover the hidden potential that awaits you. As you do, remember what Colossians 2:3 (NCV) says: “In Him [Christ] all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are safely kept.”  

* Edmund Spenser