Many of you have been curious about the ministry of ROCK International. If you have a passion for serving those who are suffering (especially children), then I encourage you to check out their website at and consider how you might be apart of this ministry which is changing lives all throughout the world.  One of the best ways to find healing from our own pain is to shift our focus off of ourselves and onto the needs of others. This ministry provides that opportunity. Let me give you a summary of their purpose as laid out on their website:

ROCK is a double acronym for:RockIntl
   1. Relief, Opportunity & Care for Kids 
   2. Resources Of Crucial Knowledge

ROCK logoROCK International seeks to bridge the gap between hardship and hope in the lives of children – in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual spheres. This is done through a few CORE principles . . .

  • To make the great commission of Jesus as our aim
  • To maximize the use of time, talents, and treasures through partnerships & teamwork 
  • To empower privileged youth to reach out to their needy world 
  • To be a voice for children where worldview, culture, and society has silenced them 
  • To assume enthusiastically and passionately the role of a servant in serving children
  • To be prepared at all times for action
  • To provide resources that transform minds, hearts, and lives – for time and eternity

I hope you will consider giving to the ministry of ROCK, through your prayers, your financial support, and even perhaps your time. You can contact the ministry by visiting their website. Again, it’s

Who will be the lap of Jesus for the children of our day?