I was driving to work this morning, anxious and overwhelmed by all I have to do. The past few weeks have been tough and I was definitely feeling beaten down. Then I heard a song by Chris Rice called “So Much for My Sad Song.” Not too deep theologically but definitely hits home the point that most of the time, our circumstances in life are all a matter of perspective. Yes, life is very hard. But God is GOOD! That is why my best days always start with a cup of coffee and a few precious moments with the Lord. After all, “this is the day that He has made. For this reason, I can rejoice and be glad in it.”

So instead of waking up in the morning ready to write a sad song, let’s change it to a symphony of praise!!   

Question: What songs do you hear that pick you up out of a  bad mood?

photo courtesy of www.eyesontutorials.com