The effective communication of thought and emotion is one of the best ways to have a healthy mind and a deep connection with God and others. Unfortunately, communicating our emotions can be extremely difficult to do with words alone. That is why God has given us the gift of creativity: to enhance our expression of what we feel deep within us. When we struggle emotionally, the artistic expression of our pain can generate a catharsis unparalleled by rote recitation. Likewise, when we feel joy the beauty of creation gives it wings. This is why I strongly encourage my clients to get involved in some form of art therapy. Not only does the creative process give us an outlet for our emotions, but it draws us deeper into the human experience. We realize the deep bond that exists between individuals as we share our work. Art can be the vessel by which we comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received. We tell our story and encourage others to tell theirs.

In our passion to express ourselves, sometimes we forget that art tells a greater story, one that surpasses our own individual experience. The Gospel, or good news, is a story of redemption that the world is longing to know. Sadly, I think we have failed to use all means available to us to tell that story. That is why I am so excited about a new book by Chris Brewer, a great friend of mine. The title is “Art that Tells the Story” and as the back cover describes, ” it is an invitation to experience The Story through commonly observable, shared experience… it is a conversation about the story God is telling.” I believe that you will find great inspiration from the works featured in this book. They include paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings, and pottery all meant to convey some aspect of the greatest story ever told…one in which we all play a part. As you look through its pages, recognize that it is just the beginning of the conversation. Let it inspire you to raise your artistic voice as well and know that by telling your story, you can tell His as well!

 If you’d like more information about “Art that Tells the Story” or “The Gospel through Shared Experience” click here. You will not be disappointed.