Success and failure. They seem so black and white. So in line with our society’s all or nothing mentality. But how do you define success? You cannot acheive something that you don’t fully understand. How do we “finally arrive” when we don’t even know where we are going?

 I have a secret for you. It is an ancient secret. It runs contrary to everything we are taught from our earliest memories on. We are told, “You must crawl. You must walk. You must run.” And when we reach adulthood, they tell us, “You must sprint!” All the while, this ancient secret is just beyond sight. We cannot hear its whisper over the din of progress. Its sweet taste is overpowered by the unsatisfying feast we stuff into our hungry mouths each day. But it is still there, nonetheless. It is so mysterious and so powerfully illusive that the moment you try to “achieve it” or “grasp it” or “succeed” at it, you’ve lost it completely. What is this secret?

Stay tuned…