Mark 8:34- Whoever desires to save his life will lose it. Whoever will lose his life for Christ’s sake will find it.”

Lord, these ancient words are confounding and mysterious. At the same time, they are as clear as an ocean sunrise.  I struggle with the desire for my life to mean something. I want recognition. I want glory. But to pursue these desires and measure my success by them would destroy me completely. In place of recognition and glory, I would only know infamy and disgrace. Like trying to fill my cup with the steam from a kettle, I know my own insanity. Take it! Take my life out of my own destructive hands and do with it what you will! Then give it back to me when and only when it belongs totally to you!

Lord, show me how to be humble, if possible, without having to be humbled. Show me how to deny myself, if possible, without having to be denied your blessings. Reveal to me the secret of taking up my cross only to discover that the burden is light. Let me be lost in You so that I can find myself. I choose to be content in the midst of paradox. I choose to bask in the certainty of You and nothing else.

Thank you for what you will do with this prayer…or perhaps what you will not do!