Hi, Friends. I wanted to pass on a book recommendation. I am in the middle of a fascinating, awe-inspiring story detailing the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner and WWII prison of war who defied all odds and triumphed in the midst of great tragedy. I am so passionate about his story that I am encouraging everyone to go out a purchase a copy of his book, TODAY if possible. I am listening to it on CD as I ride back and forth to work. Anyone who has experienced suffering in their life will be amazed by Louis’ testimony. I cannot put the book down. I am recommending it to all my patients in this New Year and I recommend it to you as well.

Note: I have not been approached by anyone connected financially to the book, Unbroken. The opinions expressed here are my own and unsolicited. (Funny that I have to do this 🙂 )