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Curious Garden Cover “But the most surprising things that popped up were the new gardeners.”

Featured Friend: The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

Today was Western Day for my kindergartener at her school. (Remember, it’s Texas!) When I joined her for lunch on the playground, I noticed all the weeds that had sprung up with the coming of spring. Then, I noticed something wonderful: One child began pulling the weeds up by their roots. Before long, he had a host of kids following him doing the same thing. The kids hesitated in their activity when they saw a teacher approaching them. However, they continued their fun when Mrs. Wilson, a wise kindergarten teacher simply remarked, “I’m certainty not going to stop you. Keep going!”
Without even realizing it, one child’s fun endeavor inspired other children to do good, and at the close of Western Day, the playground looked better.

A very similar, but more elaborate scenario is featured…

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